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meet the founders...

Gary Denham

Gary Denham started in the entertainment industry with Mick Fleetwood (of Fleetwood Mac) and his business marketing entity “Fleetwood Marketing”.  Moving on from there, Denham produced feature films (including “Soccermom” with Hannah Montana’s Emily Osment and Missy Pyle) before moving into Real Estate services in the aftermath of the 2008 foreclosure crisis to help homeowners fight back against the banks.  Denham has worked the past 8 years in the video game industry as both a designer as well as a consultant.

Paul Bolotin

Paul Bolotin is a former fortune 500 CEO who ran MCRB (a division of Dart Industries) from 1980 to 1990. After MCRB, Paul formed Syncmasters which provided music for The Oprah Winfrey Show, the award winning Dr. Oz Show, March of The Penguins (Morgan Freeman), Four Christmases (Reese Witherspoon) and much much more.

meet the team...

Jonanthan Todd

Jonathan has extensive and broad experience in the management of artist and celebrity careers inclusive of marketing, branding and licensing. He is a Grammy Nominated producer and a Concert Promoter. He currently manages diverse artist and celebrity portfolios ranging from rock icon Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac (co-manager of Mick Fleetwood Blues Band and Mick Fleetwood Island Rumors Band) to celebrities as diverse as Marla Maples (Trump) to Chef Scott Leibfried (Hell’s Kitchen – FOX). Jonathan’s Specialties include, marketing planning for new products, new ventures, celebrities, legal and contract negotiations, branding, licensing, artist management, project management, branding and co-branding, public relations, & advertising.

Joe Bagdon

Joe grew up under the sunny skies of Southern California prior to entering the Air Force. In the Air Force, Joe was in the Intelligence Community performing Collection, Network Defense, and Network Attack. Since exiting the military, Joe has worked in a variety of companies ranging from startups to fortune 100’s. Joe brings a very wide breadth of capabilities with roughly thirty years in Information Security, Information Technology, and Information Warfare. He has always been very technical in nature, even when filling the roles of Security Officer (Rally Software, Boulder, CO) as well as several interim CISO positions for several Startups and small to mid-sized businesses. Joe currently resides in Dallas, TX with his wife and three kids.

Andy Ashcraft

Andy Ashcraft is a veteran, multi-decade Video Game Developer and has developed games for Activision, Disney, Sega, and more. Andy is most well known for his work on God Of War 2, the hit best selling game. Andy’s work has generated into the billions of dollars in revenue and his track record speaks for itself.

Brian Upton

Brian Upton is an award-winning game designer based in Los Angeles, California. A 20-year veteran of the game industry, he was one of the founders of Red Storm Entertainment where he was the lead designer of both Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon. For 14 years he was a senior game designer at Sony’s Santa Monica Studio, where he collaborated with external teams on titles such as Fat Princess, Warhawk, Sorcery, Everybody Has Gone to the Rapture, Bound and Here They Lie.

He has served on the advisory boards of the game design programs at UC Santa Cruz, NYU, and University of Limerick. He is a regular speaker at conferences such as GDC, Games For Change, and Digital Dragons. He is also the author of The Aesthetic of Play (MIT Press 2015), a book about game design and meaning-making. And he contributed a chapter on horror game design to Level Design: Processes and Experiences (CRC Press 2016).

Pavel Ivanov

Pavel’s career began in Portland, Oregon at Tektronix in 1981 as a software engineer building electrical CAD tools. He graduated from Portland State University in 1985 with a BS in Computer Science. In 1986 he became a developer on a network data base used to manage electrical designs for ComputerVision’s schematic capture and simulation applications. In 1992 he moved to Phoenix to build a Multi-Chip Module (MCM) design capability within Motorola’s Semiconductor Labs. In 1998 he moved within Motorola to design and develop one of four key elements required to automate mask prep capability for integrating semiconductor designs into fabs within Motorola. In 2009, Pavel joined a small start-up in the Phoenix area to build data base interfaces for a new semiconductor design system. In 2010, he joined PayPal where he is currently performing project management and operations roles focused on improving product quality of the Payments stack. In 2018, Pavel began working with Wamba Technologies as a project manager for Gamers Oasis, their e-sports tournament platform. Pavel continues to live in Gilbert, Arizona with his wife, JulieAnn, of 28 years. His 5 children are on their own and he has 4 granddaughters with whom he enjoys playing and interacting.

Jody Whitfill

Jody, an Arizona native, received his Bachelors of Science in Information Technology with a core competency in Business Systems Analysis from the University of Phoenix. With over 25 years development and consulting experience as lead developer for various types of software including websites, medical devices, and more, his experience includes writing code for compliance with regulations in the medical industry while dealing with security, database development, team management and data control for companies with more than $100M in annual revenue. When his brain needs recharging he enjoys bowling, golfing, skiing and first-person shooter video games in his spare time, continuously living by the motto, “I don’t lose to computers!”

Paul Mayer

More than 25 years of experience in architecture, product development and launch, and team mentoring and building. Experienced in reducing costs and on-time delivery of products including experience with start-up and turn around environments. Accomplished architect in the areas of Client Server (n-Tier), Desktop, Services, Cloud and Mobility.  Successful at improving productivity and customer satisfaction while reducing overall operational costs. Hands on working manager.

Specialties: Architecture, Application Development, Systems Integration, Real time data, BPM, Cloud, IoT, and Enterprise Solutions.


Will Steele

With a degree in Physics, William has founded several post production and live production technology startups including WheresMyMedia and the Emmy Award winning Pronology.  William most recently won an NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) Pilot Innovation Challenge Award for developing a prototype to bring immersive content such as 360 video and Virtual Reality to broadcast television.  “As a child before video went digital, I would sit and watch my grandmother edit videos for ABC news in Albany, NY.  I’ve been fascinated with facilitating creative workflows for live and post production by building innovative technologies ever since”, Says William Steele.  William will use his expertise programming best in class video production and streaming software to help build an innovative platform for WAMBA.

Terrence Andrews

Terrence, a native of Wisconsin, began his career providing technical support for Apple before receiving an opportunity to flex his true talent. After leaving Apple, he helped to form Matricom, a leading manufacturer of Android home automation and streaming devices, where he held the position of Chief Technical Officer and held a seat on the Board of Directors. Continuing to expand his knowledge, Terrence accepted a position as Production Manager at Avataristics designing networked avatar training software for the Department of Defense.  To further expand his love of game development, Terrence came to Wamba with a wealth of knowledge and specialization in in Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, and 3D game design and development. In his spare time, he coaches wrestling teams, studies martial arts and writes Rap/Hip Hop music.

Marty Carr

Marty Carr, a native of Grand Rapids, Michigan is a game enthusiast who became passionate about learning to code his own games, especially in the fantasy role playing genre. A self-taught coder, Marty enjoys focusing on 3D development and computer artificial intelligence. Having worked for a number of studios over the past couple years, Marty is a welcome addition to the Wamba Team. In his spare time, Marty enjoys all aspects of personal fitness, video games and expanding his arsenal of coding weapons.

Kris Gumaru

Kris, a native to sunny Scottsdale, Arizona, is currently working towards his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Arizona State University while lending our company his development services. He specializes mainly in back-end and Unity game development and design. In his spare time Kris enjoys gardening, cooking, camping and building/tuning cars. Phenomenal at what he does, Kris was a tremendous find for Wamba and we anticipate great things to come from him.

Justin Yong

Justin is a Purdue University graduate with a BS in Computer Graphics Technology. He is a 3D Animator / Technical Artist with skills ranging from game development to video production. Justin breathes life into the characters of Waffle Smash: Chicken & Waffles as seen in the mobile game and other media. He also aids in the technical development of the mobile game.

Kamrie Iseman

Kamrie graduated from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona with a BA in Digital Design with an emphasis on Web Design. She joined the Wamba team during her final year at GCU and quickly made a name for herself.  Kamrie is responsible for the graphic and functional design of all the Wamba related websites including and as well as the graphic redesign of the company’s mobile game, Waffle Smash: Chicken & Waffles.

Coy Matthews

Coy has been working as an illustrator and graphic designer for more than 30 years.  Having worked in the field extensively with Adobe, Photoshop, Illustrator, and more, Coy specializes in bringing art to life digitally. To have a guy like Coy on the team is to have a truly lucky team. Just don’t leave a pencil lying on the floor. He might trip over it and break an ankle!

Kaz Foxsen

Kaz, a Fall River, MA native, graduated Summa Cum Laude from UMass Dartmouth with a of Fine Arts degree in Illustration. She is well-versed in creating images for products, pet portraits, and drawing characters (and other assets) for use in Indie games and animation. One of the highlights of her career was working on the Ghoul Town and companion Deadpan, in the fan-made “Beyond Boulder Dome” mod for the game “Fallout: New Vegas” where she did “a little bit of everything”, including concept art, textures, simple 3D models, voice acting, writing, and programming. In her spare time, Kaz runs an Etsy shop focusing on pet-themed digital art for print-on-demand products as well as creating animal art on tees, phone cases, and various gifts on Zazzle and TeePublic. She also meets regularly with the crew of “Movie Theater Time Machine” podcast (part of the local 40/41 Media network) to review and joke about movies.

meet the legal team...

Jason Webb

Jason Webb began his practice by managing and writing patents for the very accomplished Michael Starkweather, a renowned patent attorney. Mr. Starkweather is most known for filing a patent for the download of music which was reportedly sold to Apple for $500M. Mr. Webb routinely negotiates licensing/product placement deals and conducts settlements between his clients and Fortune companies such as QVC, Home Depot, Toys R’ Us, and more. Mr. Webb is also a civilian partner with the FBI in protection of critical information systems. Mr. Webb will work diligently to seek the approval of this patent application, and then, once approved, to negotiate the sale or licensing of the patent.


Darin Mangum

Darin Mangum specializes in putting together the investment agreements, corporate contracts, employee contracts, and oversees the structuring of corporations big and small.  Having worked for the SEC throughout law school, Mangum is an expert in keeping our I’s dotted and our T’s crossed.

Matthew Mousley

Duane Morris Firm

Duane Morris is one of the nations top law firms specializing in gaming and gambling.  Based out of Massachusetts, our counsel there is Matthew.

Joel Fugate

Cronus Law Firm

Joel handles all of our corporate filings and general corporate litigation.

Nate Hill

Jackson White Firm

Nate Hill specializes in employment law and will oversee the development of our HR department. Jackson White is native to the Phoenix area where we are located.

Philip Wang

Based out of Hong Kong, Philip is our litigation consultant.  Philip is an attorney with a tremendous amount of experience in patent litigation.  His job is to source resources and law firms for us when the time comes to defend our patent in court.


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